Best Budget Cabinet Table Saw

Professional and semi-professional woodworkers need the best cabinet table saws. It’s no surprise that brands like Powermatic and Sawstop design their table saw to be durable and withstand punishment, especially considering the significant investment they represent. In order to help you spend your money wisely, let’s explore the world of cabinet table saws.

The Best Cabinet Table Saws 2022

There is no table saw that can touch a cabinet table saw. Their robustness, accuracy, and reliability are unsurpassed.

Jet 708675PK 10″ Deluxe Jet 708675PK 10″ Deluxe Weight: 510 Pounds
Size of table : 29 x 42 + extension
Blade Size : 10 inch
Motor : 3 HP
Warranties : 5 Years Limited
SawStop (PCS31230-TGP252) Professional Cabinet Saw SawStop (PCS31230-TGP252) Professional Cabinet Saw Weight: 449 Pounds
Size of table : 20 x 27 + extension
Blade Size : 10 inch
Motor : 3 HP
Warranties : 2 Years Limited
Grizzly Industrial G1023RLWX 240V Cabinet Table Saw Grizzly Industrial G1023RLWX 240V Cabinet Table Saw Weight: 623 Pounds
Size of table : 27 Extending to 40
Blade Size : 10 inch
Motor : 5 HP
Warranties : 1 Years Limited
Baileigh 12-Inch Table Saw Baileigh 12-Inch Table Saw Weight: 700 Pounds
Size of table : 24.4 x 30.7
Blade Size : 12 inch
Motor : 5 HP
Warranties : 1 Years Limited
Powermatic 64B 10″ Table Saw  Powermatic 64B 10″ Table Saw Weight: 367 Pounds
Size of table : N/A
Blade Size : 10 inch
Motor : 1.75 HP
Warranties : 5 Years Limited


A saw blade with the right kind of power and the right blade for the material help you to cut dense and hard materials. We need to consider your cabinet saw’s power as well since the blade plays an important role.

Table saws with a motor of 1 or 2 horsepower are recommended for wood smaller than 2 inches. For most woodworking projects, this is sufficient. If your material is hardwood or dense, you should opt for a power saw with at least 3 horsepower.

There are not many saws that will cut through thicker materials and heavier stock with 3 horsepower.


Table saws that are stable allow you to work on bigger projects with increased safety and without the worry of being injured. A table saw that topples under the weight of your stock is the last thing you want. It’s heavy to use a cabinet table saw! Once positioned, they stay in that position.

The extra weight is what gives this stability. Consider buying a vertical table saw instead if you want something maneuverable. It takes more than just weight to affect weight loss. In addition, the distribution of weight also matters. 

A saw with a low center of gravity and balanced weight will perform well. When a saw has its weight placed correctly, it is always better to opt for a lighter saw.

The added weight and poor balance of a poorly balanced model will cause more damage than a lighter model.


Power tools such as table saws can cause severe injuries. There is no denying the dangers of a table saw – statistics speak for themselves. 

Over 67,000 workers and DIY enthusiasts suffer injuries from table saws each year, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Approximately 33,000 of these emergency room visits were related to injuries and illnesses.

The dangers can be mitigated by thinking about certain things. An ideal saw should feature a large, knee-height paddle switch. In an emergency, it means you can turn off the power.

Collection of Dust

Inhaling sawdust in a workshop can lead to serious health consequences. Carcinogens like sawdust are classified by the Centers for Disease Control. The ability to collect dust effectively ensures your safety and your ability to breathe easier. 

Dust collection bags are sometimes attached to models below the saw. These systems fill fast and collect less sawdust than extraction systems. Through pipes, dust is sucked away from your shop vacuum by extraction ports. Table saw sawdust can be removed the most efficiently this way.

Defending blades

There are some projects that a blade supplied with your table saw isn’t appropriate for. Thus, you can purchase an almost infinite selection of saw blades according to your needs. For frequent blade changes, you will need a saw with a quick-change mechanism. If your tasks require a large saw blade, you need one that fits your project.


Those of you seeking a new cabinet table saw are probably professionals or, at the very least, serious woodworkers who need a lot of work done. 

The cost of a cabinet table saw can be significant, so you need to make sure the saw gets the appropriate amount of use to justify the purchase.

1. Jet 708675PK 10″ Deluxe – Best Budget Table Saw

Best Budget Cabinet Table Saw
  • Weight: 510 Pounds
  • Size of table : 29 x 42 + extension
  • Blade Size : 10 inch
  • Motor : 3 HP
  • Warranties : 5 Years Limited

It’s impressive to see this cabinet table saw. This drive system employs Poly-V belts to minimize vibration and noise. This tool also offers optimal power, because hardwood and other dense materials require a lot of it. For the most substantial rip cuts, the rip fence for the dust collection port is 50 inches long, 4 inches in diameter, with a left-tilt design.

What We Love About It

Features of safety

Featuring a riving knife, anti-kickback pawls, and a blade guard, this jet model is a good option for any user who wants to feel safe while using it.

Blade Changes Rapidly

It would be a waste of time to waste time fiddling with the arbor to change the blade when time is money. By having an arbor lock with a push button, this process is sped up so you can concentrate on what’s important while working. 

Rip-Fence 50-Inch

The greater power of cabinet saws makes them ideal for rip cutting. It is more efficient to use the saw when it has a 50-inch rip fence.

Don’t Forget


The price of these saws can be prohibitive for many. Financially, this saw isn’t ideal for anyone who isn’t a serious woodworker.


The behemoths of the power tool world are these saws, there’s no doubt about that. The best choice is probably a smaller model if you do not have enough room for one.

2. SawStop (PCS31230-TGP252) Professional Cabinet Saw

Best Budget Cabinet Table Saw
  • Weight: 449 Pounds
  • Size of table : 20 x 27 + extension
  • Blade Size : 10 inch
  • Motor : 3 HP
  • Warranties : 2 Years Limited

Cabinet table saws manufactured by Sawstop are the best on the market, and they outsell everyone. Should your fingers come in contact with the blade, the blade stops in less than 5 milliseconds thanks to its patented safety system. 

There are two advantages of the T-glide rip fence. It is 52 inches long so it is able to handle even the largest project, and the dust collection system is among the best on the market. Almost all debris is removed.

What We Love About It

Constructed to Last

The cabinet table saws from SAWSTOP will last for years to come. Heavy-duty trunnions and thickest arbors among 10″ saws make this 10-inch saw truly stand out from any other on the market. If cared for properly, it should last for decades.

Ripped 52-Inch Fence

This saw is made more versatile because it can make rip cuts. Since this is a professional-grade unit, serious woodworkers will be interested in it.

Cleaning up the Dust

The suction port and hose enable 99% of all debris to be removed from the work area. It allows you to work safer by attaching to your shop vacuum.

Don’t Forget


These cabinet saws come in different price ranges, but this particular model is the most expensive out of the bunch.

3. Grizzly Industrial G1023RLWX 240V Cabinet Table Saw

Best Budget Cabinet Table Saw
  • Weight: 623 Pounds
  • Size of table : 27 Extending to 40
  • Blade Size : 10 inch
  • Motor : 5 HP
  • Warranties : 1 Years Limited

Professionals can use many cabinet table saws. Still, this model does have one advantage over the competition; its table extends from 27 inches to 40 inches, thus giving it a larger table surface area. In other words, you aren’t restricted by project size.

This fence is equipped with a number of features including an easy-glide fence and a triple V-belt drive system. A thermal overload safety switch is also included.

What We Love About It


To get the best results out of your table saw, you need a high rotation rate. 4,300 RPM is certainly a powerful speed for a Grizzly.

Powered by Horses

It is important to have 5 horsepower at your disposal if you are using this saw on an industrial level. The power is always available to you.

Table Extensible

With a 40-inch table, the size of the old 27-inch table almost doubles. As a result, it is a good cabinet saw for adapting to different sizes.

Don’t Forget

Its Ripcapacity

The rip capacity of this saw is lower than that of similar models. As a result, it is better suited to cabinet makers, but you can’t make rip cuts with it, so it’s better suited to custom users of furniture.

4. Baileigh 12-Inch Table Saw – Hybrid Table Saw

Best Budget Cabinet Table Saw
  • Weight: 700 Pounds
  • Size of table : 24.4 x 30.7
  • Blade Size : 12 inch
  • Motor : 5 HP
  • Warranties : 1 Years Limited

With this powerful and heavy-duty cabinet table saw, you can cut thousands of feet of board each day. For long boards, the sturdy steel cabinet table saw has a right-side rip capacity of 52 inches. In addition, the motor features a 3600 RPM speed and 5 HP. All of these features are combined with a vibration-reducing trunnion, making this an ideal choice for professional use.

What We Love About It

Anywhere you Want

In any workshop or garage you choose, you can set this up. Power comes from 220 volts, so most places can be set up.

Designs for Quality Tabletops

It is easy to slide wood into and out of the tabletop due to its smooth finish. With it, you’ll always be able to cut beautifully and precisely. The tabletop will not warp under heat or rain. Additionally, its bottom is criss-crossed, so it stays square. The cast-iron tabletop can also be polished after repeated use, resulting in a nice shine. 

Easily Adjust

Customizing heights and angles is quite easy with this cabinet table saw. With a digital readout for rip capacity, you can determine the precise length each time you use the device. 

Additionally, it has a miter angle adjustment dial and steel handwheels.Blades can be moved easily up and down by rack and pinion.Table saws with user-friendly designs are certainly appreciated.

Don’t Forget

Long Warranty, Expensive

It’s unfortunate that only a one-year warranty is included, considering how expensive it is. The longer the warranty is, the more reliable the investment will be.

5. Powermatic 64B 10″ Table Saw – Best Table Saw Under $1500

Best Budget Cabinet Table Saw
  • Weight: 367 Pounds
  • Size of table : N/A
  • Blade Size : 10 inch
  • Motor : 1.75 HP
  • Warranties : 5 Years Limited

The SAWSTOP can perform at the same level as this Powermatic, but it is the budget option. Although it is somewhat less expensive than most, it is still a decent table saw. An extension plate allows for improved cutting capability with the micro adjustable miter gauge. Moreover, it features an easy-to-use blade guard and riving knife for tool-free installation and removal

What We Love About It


Because this saw is so cheap, you cannot ignore it. Okay, you will still be spending some money, but for a cabinet table saw, it is not a lot.

Using a Miter Gauge

Micro-adjusting miter gauges give you incredibly precise crosscuts and the ability to increase the size of your crosscuts using the extension.

Don’t Forget

Equipped with Horsepower

Budget models are not equipped with high horsepower, but at least this saw comes with 1.75 horsepower, so it may not be the right choice for a professional setting. 

Issues with Building Quality

Getting what you pay for is the simple truth. Powermatic has trimmed the quality in order to keep costs down.

Buying Guide


The accuracy of your cuts and construction are important to you as a carpenter, which is why I elaborate on laser levels for carpenters, since the installation is just as important as the accuracy of your cuts and construction. No matter how smooth or sturdy a fence is, accuracy will arrive if it’s quality and square. 

Ensure that your cuts are accurate by following these three steps. Right from the factory, the best cabinet table saw will be almost dead zero.


No matter how careful you are and how experienced you are, slip-ups can occur, so you should make sure your cabinet saw has a number of safety features. For removing chips from the table, the use of a splitter or riving knife is a must; this prevents kickbacks, which is the number one cause of injuries from table saws.

The difference between ten fingers or nine fingers can be determined by moisture detection systems. The SawStop cabinet table saw is renowned for its ability to immediately stop blades when they contact flesh, making it one of the top cabinet table saws available on the market.

Having Blades

Table saw blades for most table saws can be found in either 10-inch or 12-inch sizes. Since there are seldom any sizing considerations, the tilt of the blade is an important factor that you should pay attention to. 

There are various angles you can tilt cabinet saw blades at, and they can also tilt left or right. There are both benefits and drawbacks to the title.

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