How to Cut a Log Lengthwise with a Chainsaw

Chainsaw use is popular for cutting logs. There are many different ways to cut a log lengthwise with a chainsaw, but the most common is to place the log on the ground with the chain extended and use the bar to guide the chain as you saw straight down across the top of the log. Keep your arms close to your body to help maintain control, and be sure to wear safety glasses and a chain saw operator’s hat.

If you’re looking to take down a large, stubborn tree with a chainsaw, there are a few steps you need to follow in order to avoid injury. The first step is to find the right chainsaw for the job.

There are several different types of chainsaws available on the market, each with its own specific features and benefits. Once you’ve selected the right chainsaw for the task at hand, it’s important to know how to properly cut a log lengthwise.

Log cutting is a skill that every woodworker should learn. It’s an essential part of creating even-sized pieces of lumber, and it’s also a great way to cut down on your work time. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to cut a log lengthwise with a chainsaw by first cutting the log into thirds. Then, we’ll demonstrate how to make the two cuts necessary to split the log in half.

Learn How to Cut Logs Lengthwise With a Chainsaw

Many people may think that cutting logs lengthwise with a chainsaw is an easy task. However, there are a few things to take into consideration before you start cutting wood (1). The most important factor when it comes to cutting logs is knowing the right way to hold the chainsaw.

You should always grip the saw with your left hand on the rear handle and your right hand on the front handle. This will give you more control over the saw and allow you to make accurate cuts.

When you’re ready to start cutting, position the log so that it’s resting on two or three flat surfaces, such as tree stumps or large rocks. This will ensure that the log doesn’t move while you’re cutting it. To start, you want to find the middle of the log. 

You can do this by measuring from one end of the log to the other or by using a center finder. Once you have found the middle, mark it with a pencil or some other marker.  Next, put on your safety gear including gloves, goggles, and a hard hat. Make sure that your chainsaw is in good working order before you start cutting.

How to Cut a Small Log Lengthwise

How to Cut a Small Log Lengthwise

There are a few things you need to do before you start cutting a small log lengthwise with your chainsaw. First, make sure that the chainsaw is properly sharpened and that the chain is tensioned correctly.

Second, clear the debris from around the log and make sure that there are no rocks or other obstacles in the way. Finally, adjust the chainsaw’s guide bar so that it is about 1/4 inch above the log.

Now that you’re ready to start cutting, hold the chainsaw with one hand on the front handle and one hand on the rear handle. Position the chainsaw so that it is perpendicular to the log and slowly begin cutting into the side of the log. Keep your hands close to your body and use a slow, steady motion as you cut.

How to Cut a Log in Half with a Chainsaw

How to Cut a Log in Half with a Chainsaw

When you need to cut a log in half, the best way to do it is with a chainsaw. Here are the steps:

1. Put on your safety gear. This includes safety glasses, a hard hat, and earplugs.

2. Find the natural center of the log and make a mark.

3. Cut into the log about halfway down from the top mark using a chainsaw that has been fitted with a chain saw blade specially designed for cutting logs.

4. Saw around the circumference of the log at the mark until you reach the other end of the log.

5. Pry the two halves of the log apart with a pry bar or wedge them apart with a hammer and chisel.

How to Cut Logs into Boards

How to Cut Logs into Boards

When you cut a tree down, the first step is to section it into logs. This can be done with a chainsaw by cutting the tree in half, then cutting each half into logs. For larger trees, you may want to further section the logs into boards.

To do this, mark the desired width of the board on the log and make your cut. Be sure to angle your chainsaw blade so that it is slicing into the log rather than pulling out of it, as this will keep your cuts cleaner. Make several passes to achieve your desired thickness.

Once you have the right tools, it’s time to start sawing. Position yourself so that the log is resting on something stable – like another log or a stump. Make sure that your footing is solid and that you are wearing safety gear, including gloves, goggles, and ear protection.


In conclusion, using a chainsaw to cut a log lengthwise is a quick and efficient way to get the job done. By following the steps listed in this article, you can make sure that the process goes smoothly. Remember to always use caution when using a chainsaw, and to wear the appropriate safety gear.

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