How To Cut Down a Small Tree With a ChainSaw

Check that the chainsaw bar you’ve chosen is right for the job and that you are familiar with how to use your chainsaw. With some work gloves and a hard hat, wear appropriate eye and hearing protection. It is also advisable to wear steel-toe boots and chaps. How to cut down a small tree with a chainsaw at home.

Visit How to Use and Maintain a Gas Chainsaw and Chainsaw Safety for more information, like how to apply bar and chain oil. You should contact a professional if you want to fall a large tree, an old tree, a tree that is near a structure, rotting trees, or any tree that you feel uncomfortable feeling yourself. 

Now that you know what you’re doing, you can fire up the chainsaw. In this post, I will give you all the information you need to understand. How to cut down a small tree with a chainsaw by hand. Alternatively, a tree can also be felled.

You will also learn from me. How to cut down a small tree with a chainsaw blade. A small tree may seem easy to cut down (or fell) when it is small, but as the tree gets taller and more complicated, cutting down becomes a bit more complicated.

A chainsaw is crucial in felling a tree, and the procedure must be carefully planned and thought out. You could injure yourself or others if you do not follow these instructions. You won’t have to worry, I’ll make sure that you know everything you need to know so the process will go smoothly.

Not Yet Got a Chainsaw?

How To Cut Down a Small Tree

I invite you to check out my list of the best chainsaws if you’re reading this guide and you don’t already have one. I will teach you how to cut down a small tree with a chainsaw chain.

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Preparation For Cutting Down a Tree

How To Cut Down a Small Tree

Let me start by saying that cutting down a small tree with a chainsaw is easy. Chainsaws cannot be just used to chop down trees. Your chances of getting permission are good if the tree you wish to fall is on your own property.

The tree might be in your backyard or someone else’s, so you will need to get any permits (or permission) required to cut it down. Any doubts you may have should be cleared up by your local tree commission. 

Preparations Must Be Made

It’s always safest to cut down trees before anything else. It is extremely dangerous to take down tall trees by mistake due to their weight and you don’t want to damage any house, barn, power lines, fences, or other structures with the tree.

Thus, pay attention to the nearby objects and structures as you prepare to fall a tree with a chainsaw. You should post signs warning people of active logging everywhere there is public access or where they may walk (or drive) through.

As well as the trees on the ground, you should also observe the trees on the ground. When a tree comes crashing down, it has the potential to ripple through other trees. All sorts of dangers can arise from such activities, and there is even a greater mess to clean up.

Before cutting with a chainsaw, consider all possible outcomes. As well as wearing the right protective gear, make sure you have the proper equipment.

When you are not wearing safety glasses, gloves, hearing protection, chaps, helmets, etc., you can fall and get injured. If you want to see the best chainsaw safety equipment, then check out my chainsaw safety equipment reviews.

A Tree Should Fall in One Direction

How To Cut Down a Small Tree

You can now decide from which direction to fall the tree after you’ve surveyed the area and are confident you won’t damage any structures or injure anyone. It may be best to let the tree fall naturally if it is already leaning in one direction when you cut it down. The fall zone will be free of objects if there are none within. If the tree falls in the fall zone, it will be directly in its path.

You may be able to determine the space it will require when it is horizontally felled when small to medium-sized trees are measured vertically. You’ll probably have to eyeball trees that are really tall and don’t have any measurement.

You can usually choose any direction for the tree to fall if it isn’t leaning towards one direction. Keep in mind that working in the fall zone will make the task easier or more challenging for you.

In some cases, it may be best not to let the tree fall toward the stream because cutting that portion of the timber may be difficult.

Get a Handle On Your Escape Route

You should always get a good distance away from a tree that you have cut down to ensure your safety. In order to go in a good direction, you should go 90 degrees from the fall. If you use this method, you will stay out of the felling zone and the side where the stump and trunk separate.

You will need to clear the area around the tree and the path to your getaway before cutting down the tree. It isn’t safe to be dodging other trees, fallen limbs, rocks, or other objects as the tree begins to fall. It is always crucial to keep your safety in mind.

Removing Low-Hanging Branches

How To Cut Down a Small Tree

When you are going to cut down a tree, make sure to remove any branches below shoulder height before cutting it down. You will be able to use your chainsaw more comfortably on the tree after removing these branches. As a result, it will also reduce the possibility of wood ricocheting off the ground and landing close to you.

When removing lower branches, it’s a good idea to work at an angle to prevent your hands from coming into contact with the chainsaw. In addition, never cut beyond your shoulders. Since you don’t have good control at that height, this is a recipe for disaster and serious injury.

How To Cut Down a Small Tree With a Chainsaw Machine

How To Cut Down a Small Tree

Chainsaws have three different ways of cutting down a tree. A notch is made by cutting three lines one after another. If you want to fall a tree, you can choose the notch that is right for you.

There is no difference between the different methods of notching. You may choose the one you find most logical, and strive to find the one you like best by trying different types of the notch on different trees over time.

Cuts for the Face

For a chainsaw to fall a tree you have to learn two cuts that are called face cuts. Notches are made by cutting two faces at the same time. Using a notch, you make the hole on the side facing the direction you want the tree to fall.

Cutting the face at a comfortable height is around 24 inches from the ground. The depth of your saw should be about 20-25% of its diameter. The face cuts on the trunk should be a notch on the right side if you are right-handed. Cut the face on the left if you are left-handed.

Cutting the Back

The back cut can then be made with the chainsaw once the front notch has been cut. By separating the stump and the tree, the back cut provides a hinge on which to fall the tree. Approximately 10% of tree trunk diameter should be the width of the back cut.

When you’re a few inches away from the notch, you should stop cutting. You may see the tree begin to fall when you make the back cut with your chainsaw. Keep your eyes on the tree and get away quickly if you find yourself in this situation.

If a tree is still upright, you can use a downing wedge to begin to lower it. The felling wedge works as a lever to tip over trees by giving them the right push in the right direction. To begin falling the tree, drive the wedge into the back cut and tap it with a sledgehammer.

Lodgement of a Tree in the Fall

How To Cut Down a Small Tree

Occasionally, a tree that is on its way down gets lodged in another tree. Getting help from an experienced logger is the best course of action. Chainsaws can pose significant hazards when used to cut a lodged tree or the tree it is stuck in.

Consequently, it is recommended that you do not try to do this type of thing on your own. To make sure anyone passing by knows there is a possibility of a tree falling, rope off the area where you are when you must leave the tree to go find help. Cutting down trees should always be done with safety in mind.


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