How to Sharpen a Chainsaw With a Grinder

You must feel frustrated when your chainsaw is blunt, so you waste your precious time using it. You can’t do other things when using a blunt chainsaw as it takes up much of your energy and time. Isn’t it better if you could sharpen your chainsaw at home?

As long as you know how to sharpen a chainsaw with a grinder or with a file guide, this task is a breeze! Saving money and time is a great benefit. If you use it, you should use a sharp chainsaw by using a round file right after using it.

Make sure you choose the right grinder for sharpening your chainsaw. Also, see our guide to the best stainless steel hole saws. The course also includes some chainsaw sharpening tips and tricks.

How to Sharpen a Chainsaw with a Grinder – 5 Easy Steps to Follow 

How to Sharpen a Chainsaw With a Grinder

You can easily sharpen a chainsaw blade if you have the right knowledge. Use the guide below to learn how to properly sharpen a chainsaw with a grinder:


Prior to sharpening a chainsaw, it is important to consider your safety. To ensure your face, hands, and feet are protected when using an electric chainsaw sharpener or even a chainsaw grinder, wear protective gloves and/or goggles. Wearing appropriate footwear is also recommended when handling machinery.

Get Ready Chainsaw Grinder

You can choose from a variety of chainsaw sharpeners on the market. We recommend Timberline chainsaw sharpener, Makita chainsaw sharpener, Oregon chainsaw sharpener, and STIHL chainsaw sharpener.

Take the time to find the one that best suits your needs before making a purchase. Making the right investment in a grinder will prove worthwhile in the long run. Using the holes in the base, attach your grinder to a workbench. Rather than securing the chainsaw on the bench, you have to secure the handheld grinder.

Get Ready Chainsaw

Your chainsaw’s blade specifications are the first thing you need to know. Gauge and pitch should be known. Refer to the user manual to find out these specifications. Prepare the chainsaw once you’re done.

Clean the chain properly using a solvent of your choice after removing it from the saw. Lift the chain stops in its sliding tracks after letting the chain dry completely. Drop the chain stops to secure it in place. You want the tooth to rest on the stop for the sharpening to start.

Check Sharpening Angle

The user’s manual for chainsaws recommends angles for blades of different sizes. You may see angle recommendations of 0-60 degrees. It is important to adjust the grinder’s locking wheel to the chainsaw sharpening angles and tighten it from the bottom.


Whether you choose to sharpen the chain or to keep your fingers, you’ll have a perfectly polished chain at the end. After that, you can start using the chainsaw right away.

How to Chainsaw Sharpening Tricks and Tips

How to Chainsaw Sharpening Tricks and Tips

People make numerous mistakes when sharpening chainsaws, leading to traumatic accidents. Following a few chainsaw sharpening tips and tricks is the most effective way to sharpen a chainsaw. It is of utmost importance to brace the chainsaw properly before sharpening it.

A bench vice should be used to secure the bar. Repeat each stroke on each tooth. Sharpen the chainsaw with a sharp tool only. Chainsaw chains are made of hard metal, so if you want to sharpen them, you have to buy a very sharp tool. The risk of kickback as you sharpen is one of the many dangers of this error.

As a result, the saw may also bog down due to overwork. Further, the teeth will be stripped of more metal, reducing the lifespan of the chain. Many people use a file instead of the right size tool when sharpening. 

When sharpening a chainsaw, wearing protective gear is always a good idea. That way, you can avoid getting injured. You can sharpen a chainsaw by determining what is the most effective method and by investing in a professional chainsaw sharpener.

How to Fix a Chainsaw that Dulls Too Quickly

How to Fix a Chainsaw that Dulls Too Quickly

Many people always ask, Why does your chainsaw begin to dull as soon as you use it? The chainsaw dulls because of several reasons. Maybe it is possible that you are using the wrong size of chain file.

Verify that you are using the correct-sized file according to the user manual. Using a chainsaw may also require too much pressure. You should never use more pressure than you need. Consequently, the cutting wood edges become too thin and dull more quickly than usual.



If you follow the chainsaw sharpening guide, you should not have any problems sharpening your chainsaw. Remember, there are several ways to sharpen a chainsaw however, depending on which tool you use you will have to select the correct method.

We hope this article was helpful to you and that you now have an understanding of how to sharpen a chainsaw with a grinder. Keep the chainsaw sharp by following these hacks to prevent injuries and damage.