How to Sharpen Chainsaw with Electric Sharpener

As long as the chainsaw is sharp, it is an effective tool. But after repeated use, the chainsaw blade loses its sharpness. Once the blade is sharpened, you will need an electric chainsaw sharpener. Here is an article about how to sharpen chainsaw with electric sharpener.

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How to Properly Sharpen Your Chainsaw

How to Sharpen Chainsaw with Electric Sharpener

Your chainsaw needs to be regularly sharpened to work at maximum efficiency and provide the best cutting results. Sharp or unevenly worn chains require more force, function inaccurately, and are dangerous.

If you have the right tools, even those without technical experience can learn to sharpen the chain properly with a little practice. Here we provide you with a step-by-step guide to accomplishing this in our blog post.

Step 1: Chain Analysis

How to Sharpen Chainsaw with Electric Sharpener

First, remove the chainsaw from the chainsaw and inspect all parts of it before sharpening it. It can be dangerous to continue using the chain if some parts are damaged.

  • To keep the chain from bending to one side, make sure that all rivets connecting cutting links are in place and are tight enough.
  • Cutting links should be securely connected by tensioned tie straps that are loose enough to move.
  • It is still necessary for the bottom part of each link, known as the tang, to have a crescent-shaped rim so that it aligns with the sprocket driver.

A chain can be sharpened by sharpening only the cutting teeth. Any other defective parts of the chain need to be discarded, and a new chain should be purchased.

Step 2: Establish the Angle

How to Sharpen Chainsaw with Electric Sharpener

There may be instructions on how to properly file the teeth of your chainsaw in its user manual. You may also find hashmarks on some chains that show the angle. Speed Squares make filing easier at the proper angle.

Step 3: Filing Chainsaw Teeth

How to Sharpen Chainsaw with Electric Sharpener

Put the chainsaw’s bar into a vise if you have one. Sharpen the teeth by filing them. It is important to keep in mind that chainsaw teeth alternate, so you should turn the file in opposite directions as you work through the chain. 

Step 4: Prepare the Depth Gauges

How to Sharpen Chainsaw with Electric Sharpener

As indicated in your chainsaw’s owner’s manual, file the depth gauges on the chain.

Step 5: Safety

How to Sharpen Chainsaw with Electric Sharpener

If you need to work on an electric chainsaw, make sure it is unplugged from the power source (or its battery is removed). You should be sure to engage the chain brake when using a gas-powered chainsaw. Handle the chain while wearing extra-long rubbber gloves.

You’ll Need the Following:

Tools / EquipmentMaterials
ChainsawManual for Chainsaw
The Metal fileGloves that Protect
Square SpeedVisiting (Optional)

How to Use Stihl Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

As professional chainsaw chains are used to cut through logs, regular sharpening is necessary to protect the cutting teeth from becoming dull. It is possible to sharpen a chain using a small file alone, but this takes a lot of time and results are not consistent.

In the Stihl chain sharpeners, a small grinding wheel is mounted on an electric-powered sharpener that has a groove to hold the chain while grinding, so you can grind the cutter evenly with only a few moments per tooth. Most chain sharpeners work the same way.

Where can I Find the Best Chainsaw Chain Sharpener?

For the Best Electric Chainsaw Sharpener, Check Out These:

What is the Best Angle to Sharpen my Stihl Chainsaw Chain?

It is generally recommended that Stihl chains be sharpened at 30 degrees with zero offset (90 degrees or a flat surface). Therefore, it’s pretty noticeable that most of my Stihl chains have zero offset when they’re sharpened at the factory.

Chains sharpened to 35 degrees will cut faster, but will also dull quicker. A logical question is, how many sharpenings can be made to a chainsaw chain? Generally, a chain can be sharpened three to five times according to usage.


When you forget to sharpen your chainsaw properly when it needs it after using it for a long time, your chainsaw’s performance suffers. To maintain the chainsaw’s sharpness, an electric sharpener is a useful tool. As the best electric sharpener, you might trust the Stihl electric chainsaw grinder sharpener.