Relocating a Gas Fireplace: Challenges and Considerations

Gas Fireplace Relocation

A gas fireplace offers the allure of a traditional wood-burning hearth but with added efficiency and convenience. However, moving a gas fireplace is a task that requires careful planning and professional expertise.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the complexities of relocating a gas fireplace, outlining important steps and considerations to help you make an informed decision.

Why Moving a Gas Fireplace Is a Challenge:

The process of relocating a gas fireplace involves intricate steps, including rerouting gas piping and rebuilding exhaust systems.

Such tasks require specialized knowledge and skills that are beyond the scope of a typical DIY project. Hiring a qualified contractor with expertise in gas pipe installation and wall remodeling is imperative.

Important Considerations Before Moving a Gas Fireplace:

1. Understanding the Complexity:
Moving a gas fireplace entails navigating residential gas pipelines and executing repairs within interior walls. This requires a unique set of skills that most individuals do not possess. Typically, 2–3 professionals are needed to complete the relocation.

2. Compliance with Local Regulations:
Local laws may stipulate that only National Fireplace Institute-certified professionals handle gas fireplace installations. Locating a qualified professional and adhering to these regulations adds to the difficulty of the task.

Is moving a gas fireplace necessary?

Relocating a gas fireplace should be driven by legitimate reasons that justify the associated costs. Consulting with a qualified fireplace installer can provide valuable insights. In some cases, exploring alternative solutions may be a more practical approach to address the underlying issue.

Common Reasons for Moving a Gas Fireplace:

1. Home Refurbishment:
During home remodeling, you might seize the opportunity to reposition your gas fireplace for optimal placement within a room.

2. Enhanced Convenience:
Adjusting the fireplace’s location can improve heating efficiency and overall comfort in your home.

3. Health Considerations:
If the fireplace’s current placement poses respiratory risks due to inadequate ventilation, relocating it may be a sensible choice.

Gas Fireplace Relocation

Steps to Move a Gas Fireplace:

1. Selecting the new location:
Ensure adequate space around the new location, with attention to gas line proximity and clearance from obstacles. Consider the size and dimensions of the fireplace about the space.

2. Gas Supply Disconnection:
Safely shut off the gas supply using the shut-off valve, followed by proper ventilation to dissipate any residual gas. Disconnect the unit from electrical outlets if applicable.

3. Dismantling the Fireplace:
Carefully remove protective elements, open doors, and detach the unit from the wall. Disassemble fireplace decorative components, including glass and casings.

4. Gas and Electrical Line Installation:
Engage professionals to install new gas and electrical lines to the desired location, including constructing a new vent if necessary.

5. Reassembling and testing:
Assemble the fireplace at its new location and connect the gas pipe. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for reassembly. Test the fireplace to ensure it functions correctly.

Cost of Moving a Gas Fireplace:

Relocating a gas fireplace can range from a few thousand to up to $7,000, depending on factors like gas line proximity and the complexity of the project.

Permit Requirements:

Obtaining permits for gas fireplace relocation is essential due to safety concerns. Municipalities may require specific permits to ensure compliance with safety standards.

Duration of the project:

The relocation process can take between three days and two weeks, contingent on complexity, installer expertise, and workforce.

Alternatives to Relocating a Gas Fireplace:

Consider options like enlarging the existing fireplace, installing alternative heating sources, or covering the old fireplace to achieve desired heating outcomes.


Moving a gas fireplace is a substantial undertaking, demanding both financial investment and technical expertise.

Gas Fireplace Relocation

It’s a decision best made with careful consideration and, if uncertain, professional guidance. Given the intricacies involved, many homeowners may explore alternatives before committing to a relocation project.