Double-Sided Fireplace Cost Breakdown

Double-Sided Fireplace Cost Breakdown

Fireplaces have long been cherished as both a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to any home. In recent times, double-sided fireplaces have gained popularity for their enhanced visual appeal.

The question arises: are double-sided fireplaces more costly than their single-sided counterparts?

A double-sided fireplace typically carries a price tag that is 60-100% higher than that of a one-sided fireplace. The cost range for a double-sided fireplace spans from $2000 to $8000+, while single-sided fireplaces usually start at $650.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the reasons behind the higher cost of double-sided fireplaces. We will conduct a comprehensive cost breakdown and explore the various types of double-sided fireplaces available.

How Much Does A Double-Sided Fireplace Cost?

A double-sided fireplace is priced between $2000 and $8000, contingent upon factors such as the model, installation expenses, and the type of fireplace chosen (electric, gas, or wood-burning).

Body: Fireplaces have always been a splendid enhancement to any residence, contributing significantly to its market value. With the advent of double-sided fireplaces in recent years, homeowners can install an even more striking fireplace in their living spaces.

Double-sided fireplaces serve as elegant room dividers, seamlessly connecting two spaces while maintaining a distinct presence in each. These fireplaces possess an undeniable allure, characterized by their dual-facing design.

It is worth noting that while a double-sided fireplace does not necessarily incur double the cost, it does entail a higher investment, both in the fireplace itself and its installation.

The base cost of the fireplace starts at approximately $2000, depending on its size. Given the variety of sizes available, it is likely that the final cost will exceed this minimum.

Additionally, a trim, priced at around $500, is required, along with professional wiring and installation, which may add an extra $200 to the expenses. To summarize:

  • Fireplace cost: $2000+
  • Trim cost: $500
  • Installation cost: $200

However, it is important to bear in mind that $2000 represents the lower end of the spectrum. A closer examination of specific models reveals an average fireplace cost of around $4000. The expenses associated with trim and installation remain relatively consistent.

Despite the substantial initial investment, the addition of a double-sided fireplace contributes to an appreciable increase in the overall value of a home. According to a study conducted by the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers, the installation of a fireplace results in an 8-10% augmentation of property value, a noteworthy gain.

Types of Double-Sided Fireplaces:

Various fireplaces are currently available on the market, each with its suitability for double-sided installations. Options include traditional wood-burning fireplaces as well as the more favored gas and electric fireplaces.

While all types of fireplaces can be configured to be double-sided, electric and gas models tend to be more commonly chosen due to their lower fire hazards and more even heat distribution.

Double-Sided Gas Fireplace:

Among double-sided fireplaces, gas models are particularly favored for their captivating aesthetics and practicality.

Fueled by gas, they produce a consistently even and efficient flame. Encased in a glass cabinet, the flame poses minimal fire risk, ensuring a safer environment. The double-sided design also facilitates more uniform heat distribution.

Double-Sided Fireplace Cost Breakdown

Although double-sided gas fireplaces come with a relatively higher price tag, starting at approximately $2000 – $3000 for the fireplace alone, the investment is justified by the benefits they offer. Larger models can reach prices as high as $10,000, and installation costs may add an extra $200.

Double-Sided Wood-Burning Fireplace:

While double-sided wood-burning fireplaces do exist, they are less prevalent compared to other options. This is largely attributed to the need for a chimney and open space, which can make their installation less practical.

Furthermore, placing a wood-burning fireplace in the center of a room may be less convenient. Despite these considerations, the aesthetic appeal of this type remains exceptional, appealing to those who appreciate the warmth of a wood fire.

Starting at around $2500, double-sided wood-burning fireplaces are marginally more expensive due to their larger size and the additional expenses associated with chimney installation.

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Double-Sided Electric Fireplace:
Double-sided electric fireplaces are the least common among the options, with only a limited number of models featuring dual sides. Despite their exclusivity, they are not substantially more expensive than gas or wood-burning alternatives. Anticipate spending approximately $2500 – $3000 for the fireplace itself, in addition to installation costs.

One of the key advantages of electric fireplaces lies in the high degree of customization they offer.

Homeowners can select the colors for the ember bed, adjust the flame intensity, choose flame colors, and even customize heat output. This level of personalization sets electric fireplaces apart, although they may deviate from the traditional fireplace experience.

Double-sided fireplaces represent a premium addition to any home, offering both functionality and visual allure. While they come with a higher price tag than single-sided fireplaces,

the investment is offset by the appreciable increase in property value. Homeowners can choose from various types of fireplaces, with electric and gas models being the more popular choices for double-sided installations.

Double-Sided Fireplace Cost Breakdown

Each type has its own merits and considerations, ensuring that homeowners can find the perfect fit for their unique preferences and requirements.