9 Tips for Styling an Off-Center Fireplace

off-center fireplace styling

Decorating an off-center fireplace can present a unique challenge. While relocating the fireplace may be an option, it can be costly and time-consuming. Instead, consider these seven tips to make the most of your fireplace’s placement:

1. Turn it into a Focal Point:
Transforming your off-center fireplace into a focal point can greatly enhance its visual appeal.

Indeed, even when not centrally positioned, a well-decorated fireplace can exude a sense of belonging.

Consider incorporating bold artwork and dekkor on the mantle to start.

2. Create Another Focal Point:
Adding a second focal point on the same wall, at a reasonable distance from the fireplace, can create a more balanced look. This visually expands the fireplace wall without the need for construction. Hang a large piece of art or consider relocating your TV to achieve this effect.

3. Choose Three Large Decorations for the Mantle:
Decorating in threes adds strength to the focal point and enhances overall visual harmony. Vary the sizes of the objects, with larger ones typically working best on mantles. This adherence to the ‘rule of threes‘ creates a more memorable and appealing space.

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4. Fill in the Empty Wall Space Next to the Fireplace:
Utilize any empty wall space adjacent to the fireplace by incorporating art and decorations. This helps achieve a more balanced look, mitigating the off-center placement of the fireplace. A large painting or a gallery wall can be excellent choices.

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5. Position Furniture Around the Fireplace:
Arranging furniture around the fireplace can help establish a comfortable and inviting space. This prevents the fireplace from feeling tucked away in a corner. Tilt chairs and sofas towards each other to encourage natural conversation.

6. Emphasize the Imbalance:
Embracing the off-center placement can be a bold design choice. By adding decorations and furniture around the fireplace, you draw attention to its intentional placement. While it may initially seem unconventional, this approach creates a stronger focal point.

7. Decorate Both Sides Symmetrically:
Achieve balance by decorating both sides of the mantle symmetrically. This brings a sense of order to the off-center fireplace and helps create visual harmony. Even if you choose to break the symmetry for a more natural look, this method provides a foundation of balance.

Certainly! Here are two additional tips for styling an off-center fireplace:

8. Utilize Mirrors for Reflection:
Incorporating mirrors on the wall above or beside the fireplace can help create the illusion of symmetry. Mirrors reflect light and space, making the room feel larger and more balanced. Choose a mirror that complements the style of your fireplace and the overall décor of the room.

9. Integrate Vertical Elements:
To draw the eye upwards and add verticality to the space, consider incorporating tall décor elements. This could include tall vases, sculptures, or even tall potted plants. These elements help visually balance the height of the fireplace and create a more harmonious overall look.

By implementing these additional tips, you can further enhance the style and balance of your off-center fireplace.

How to Decorate a Fireplace That’s Not Centered:

To enhance the balance of an off-center fireplace, consider extending the mantle into the center of the room. Use this extended space to display decorations or logs and fireplace accessories. Hanging wall art adjacent to the fireplace can also create the illusion of a wider, centered placement.

off-center fireplace styling

Should a Fireplace be in the Center of the Room?

A fireplace need not be centered to look stunning. With strategic decorating and styling, you can create a balanced and inviting space, regardless of the fireplace’s position. By introducing other focal points in the room, you can achieve a harmonious overall look.

Is It Possible To Move a Fireplace?

While it is possible to relocate a wood-burning fireplace, it is a complex and costly endeavor best left to professionals. Embracing and creatively styling your existing off-center fireplace can provide a satisfying solution without the need for costly relocation.

How Do Off-Center Fireplaces Work?

Off-center fireplaces can function just as effectively as their centered counterparts. By dedicating extra effort to decorating and styling, you can maximize the visual impact of your fireplace. Consider incorporating bookshelves or cabinets on the same wall to enhance the overall balance. With thoughtful styling, an off-center fireplace can become a natural gathering spot in your home.

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