Top 3 Chimney Caps for Windy Areas

Wind-Resistant Chimney Caps

As the temperature drops, you reach for some firewood to warm up your home. However, after a few minutes, you notice your living room becoming smoky.

Wondering how this is happening? It’s simple. The strong winds outside are causing a chimney backdraft, pushing smoke from the fireplace into your home instead of out through the chimney.

In this scenario, investing in a suitable chimney cap designed for windy conditions is essential. In this article, I will introduce my three top picks and explain their standout features!

1. FAMCO Wind Chimney Cap

The FAMCO wind-directional chimney cap is meticulously crafted to address windy weather challenges. You can say goodbye to concerns about chimney downdrafts or spooky wind-whistling sounds.

This chimney cap boasts a hooded design that allows the wind to pass over it, rather than into the chimney’s flue.

Its innovative mechanism responds to the wind’s direction, promoting updraft and ensuring that all smoke flows upward.

Moreover, the FAMCO wind chimney cap is constructed from durable 26-gauge stainless steel, offering excellent corrosion resistance.

It is available in various sizes, ranging from 5 inches to 14 inches in diameter, with the cap’s height extending from 14.5 inches to 27 inches. One potential drawback is that the FAMCO cap does not include a bird screen. While you can manually install one inside, it would have been a convenient addition.

Additionally, periodic checks of the chimney cap’s rotating bracket for creosote buildup may be necessary to ensure smooth operation.

Pros: Budget-friendly Provides effective wind protection Long-lasting Available in various sizes

Cons: Does not come with a bird screen

2. CHIMCARE Wind Chimney Cap

Similar to the FAMCO model, the CHIMCARE wind-directional chimney cap features a hooded shape that encourages updraft and prevents wind from entering the flue.

The key distinction lies in CHIMCARE’s inclusion of a protective cage, deterring birds, rodents, and debris from entering your chimney cap.

Furthermore, this product comes with a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind. Made from robust and durable stainless steel, CHIMCARE’s chimney cap is built to last.

It is important to note that an air-cooled chimney is necessary for proper installation, as the cap fits within the inner pipe.

Pros: Promotes drafting Includes a protective bird screen Constructed from durable stainless steel Easy to install

Cons: Relatively costly

3. Vacu-Stack Wind Chimney Cap

The Vacu-Stack chimney cap stands as an excellent option for windy days, effectively diverting wind from entering your flue.

This cap also prevents pests and debris from entering your fireplace.

Installation is a breeze – simply measure your pipe’s diameter and secure the cap in place.

Once installed, the Vacu-Stack wind chimney cap provides maximum protection against snow and rain.

Suitable for single walls, masonry, class A, and B vents, and solid-pack insulated chimneys, this cap is crafted from stainless steel, ensuring resilience against rusting or corrosion.

Wind-Resistant Chimney Caps

Pros: Made of durable material Shields against rain and snow Keeps pests out Easy installation process

Cons: May require caulking for a snug fit

4. CBO10 Round Bolt On Black Galvanized Steel Single Flue Chimney Cap by Draft King

Material: galvanized black steel
The Round Bolt-On Design of the Draft King Chimney Cap makes it resistant to strong winds. The black galvanized steel adds a stylish touch while also being durable.

Pros: Durable and aesthetically pleasing black galvanized steel construction.
Round bolt-on design for a secure fit.
Cons: Color options are limited.

5.SC99 Shelter Bolt-On Single Flue Chimney Cover by Hyc Company Inc

Galvanized steel is the material used.
This Shelter Chimney Cover is a bolt-on design that attaches securely to the chimney. The galvanized steel construction provides wind resistance.

Pros: Galvanized steel construction ensures durability. Bolt-on design for secure attachment.

Cons: May not have advanced features like a built-in spark arrestor.

Chimney Caps Buying Guide

With a wide array of chimney caps available, making the right choice can be challenging. Here’s our buying guide to assist you in selecting the perfect chimney cap for your needs.

Type of Chimney:
Consider the type of chimney you have, whether it’s masonry or a pre-fab metal one. This will dictate the type of flue and, consequently, the suitable chimney cap.

Flue Type and Shape:
Depending on your chimney type, you may have single-wall, extended, or non-extended flues. Extended flues offer more versatility in choosing different shapes (rectangular, square, round, or oval) for your chimney cap opening.

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Chimney Cap Type:
For wind resistance, opt for weather shield, draft-increasing, and directional wind chimney caps. These types ensure better updraft and minimal smoke, along with protection from elements like snow and rain.

Accurately measure the innermost and outermost diameter of your pipe to determine the right size for your chimney cap. Extended flue types may require different measurements based on the flue’s area.

In Conclusion:

Without a chimney cap, you may not fully enjoy the benefits of having a fireplace. It offers more than just protection from debris and pests.

Especially in windy conditions, a chimney cap prevents excessive smoke from entering your home, ensuring a quiet and cozy evening by the fireplace.

Remember to choose the chimney cap that best suits your specific needs and chimney type. Stay warm and comfortable this season!